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Mulgi Road Race - 83 km
Mulgi Road Race - 38 km
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Mulgi Road Race
History 2012 2011 
Time 08.08.2010
Place Viljandi EST
Type Cycling
Distance Põhisõit 83 km 12:00
Rahvasõit 38 km 13:20
Organizer Viljandi Rattaklubi, Veiko Šmidt, +372 510 7516,,   

Mulgi Road Race 

1. The organizer
The competition is organized by Viljandi Cycling Club
Information:, Veiko Šmidt, +372 510 7516, 

Sunday, August 8, 2010 in Viljandi in Center Estonia.
The competition is subject to the UCI standards and is held according to Estonian Cycling Union (EJL) and current regulations
Start and finish in Viljandi, Tallinn road 86 at Unistar house.

2. Participants and distances
83 km distance
. 1st group EJL 2nd category and for licensed cyclists only.
83 km distance. 2nd group for all born 1995 and earlier. Any kind of bicycle is allowed.

38 km distance. For all born 1999 and earlier. A
ny kind of bicycle is allowed.

3. Age groups 

83 km:
   Men Main class (1971-1991)
   Women (1991 and earlier)
   M18 (1992-1993)
   N18 (1992-1993)
   M16 (1994-1995)
   Senior 2-3 (1951-1970)
   Senior 4 (1950 and earlier)

38 km:
   M14 (1996-1999)
   W14-16 (1994-1999)
   Women 35+ (1975 and earlier)

4. Registration
Pre registration until August 4, 2010 in internet and in sports shop Klubisport (Viljandi, Vaksali 8a).

Fees (EEK):
  Until 04.08.10 At the spot 08.08.10

83 km (1991 and earlier)



83 km (1992 and later)



38 km



Re-registration only in start area in August 8, 2010 (EEK):
   • Change of name 50.-
   • Registration from 38 km to 83 km: 100.-
   • Registration from 83 km to 38 km: free.

Participation fee includes: marked track, starting number, timekeeping, refreshment stations during the race and in finish, award ceremony, digital diploma from Sportinfo, first aid if needed, washing possibilities in Viljandi Sports hall.

Participation fee is not refundable at any case.

5. Competition secretary and additional registration
Competition center is opened at 9 am until 5 pm at August 8, 2010.
Number picking for 83 km 1st group and mandate: 9:15-10:45 am.
The rest of the participants can register and pick their number until 15 minutes before the start.
The meeting for the representatives of the clubs will be held at 11 am. Numbers for service cars and transmitters will be given the same time.

6. Timetable
9.00 Competition center opens
9.15 Start numbers, additional registration  
11.00 Representatives meeting for 1st group riders
11.30-11.50 Signatures of the 1st group riders
11.45 Start gates open
12.00 1st group start of 83 km  
12.01 2nd group start of 83 km
13.05 Start gates open
13.20 Start of 38 km
15.00 Award ceremony
17.00 Competition center closes

7. Award ceremony
In 83 km distance 3 best men and women are awarded and three best riders of classes M16, W18, M18, Senior 2-3, and Senior 4. In 38 km three best are awarded in following age groups: M14, W14-16, and Women 35+.

8. EJL point system
According to the EJL 2nd category:
   1st place - 12 points
   2nd place - 9 points
   3rd place - 8 points
   4th place - 7 points
   5th place - 6 points
   6th place - 5 points
   7th place - 4 points
   8th place - 3 points
   9th place - 2 points
   10th place- 1 point

   1st place - 6 points
   2nd place - 4 points
   3rd place - 3 points
   4th place - 2 points
   5th place - 1 point
9. Technical support
All participants in main race can be helped by service cars. Application for service cars must be given to mandate where will be drawn the order of the cars. Organizers will not provide any technical help along the course. All participants who stop the race will be transported to start-finish area by the organizer.

10. Refreshment  
There are 3 refreshment points on course in 83 km distance and 1 in 38 km distance. Refreshment points are in 15th, 60th, and 40th km.

Riders of the 1st group cannot be refreshed from service cars nor along the course during the first 40 km and in last 20 km. Refreshment points operate only on the right hand side of the course.  

11. First aid
Medical aid can be given in start-finish area, during the course by medical car or if needed by ambulance car.

12. Penalties
According to the UCI and EJL regulations.

13. Other
Bicycle helmets are mandatory.
The organizers are not responsible for any possible injuries received by the competitors during the competition.
Young riders, whom distance is longer than allowed in EJL regulations, can participate only of their own responsibility. Sportsman approves his/her good enough shape and that he/she has approval of the parent(s) or couch.
The track is opened for the traffic. Participants are obliged to follow the traffic regulations and signs and follow organizers and police orders.
It is not allowed to use any kind of time trial handlebars (aerobar).
Results will be published in and  
Matters not regulated by the competition rules are decided by judges together with the organizers.

Chief judge: Raimo Ronimois, +372 504 5168,   

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