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Christoph Sauser võitis Kalevipoja Rattamaratoni /LISATUD TULEMUSED/ 04.07.2010 (0)
Täna Kesk-Eestis peetud Elion Estonian Cup 5.osavõistluse, 3. Kalevipoja Rattamaratoni 69 km põhidistantsi võitis šveitslane Christoph Sauser 2:23.07. Teisena lõpetas Fixus Sport esindaja KalleK ...
KUUM! Maailmameister Christoph Sauser tulebki Eestisse võistlema! 11.06.2010 (0)
3. juulil Tallinnas Nõmmel toimuva rahvusvahelise (XCO) maastikurattavõistluse Tallinn Sadam MTB 2010 läheb stardinumbri 1 all rajale mitmekordne maailmameister ja maailmakarika võitja ...
Kalevipoja - 70 km /uuend. 19.07/
Kalevipoja - 37 km
Kalevipoja Laiuse tõus
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3rd Kalevipoja Cycling Marathon (EEC 2010)
Laiks 04.07.2010
Vieta Jõgeva EST
Veids Riteņbraukšana
Distance Maraton 69,8 km kell 12:00
Poolmaraton 36,7 km kell 13:30
Lastesõidud kell 12:15 
Avatud raja sõit toimub 27. juunil kell 12.00 Kuremaa lossi eest
Organizētājs Tarmo Raudsepp, Tel. +372 5695 8663,  

Racing regulations

1. Competition
1.1. Elion Estonian Cup (EEC) is a series of cycling marathons in Estonia.
1.2. EEC events will be held in compliance with the EEC Racing Regulations, the competition regulations of the Estonian Cyclists Union and the UCI.

2. Schedule of the events


Name of the stage

Scheduled date

Starting point

Stage 1

13th Tallinn Cycling Marathon

Sunday,  May 03

Kõrvemaa Hiking and Skiing Centre

Stage 2

10th Mulgi Cycling Marathon

Sunday,  May 16

Viljandi, City Stadium

Stage 3

Rõuge Cycling Marathon

Saturday,  June 05

Rõuge, Ööbikuoru field

Stage 4

11th Otepää Cycling Marathon

Saturday, June 19

Otepää, Tehvandi Skiing Stadium

Stage 5

3rd  Kalevipoja Cycling Marathon

Sunday,  July 04

Jõgevamaa, Kuremaa village

Stage 6

10th Elva Cycling Marathon

Saturday,  July 24

Elva, cultural centre  "Sinilind"

Stage 7

Fuji  10th Rakke Cycling Marathon

Sunday,  August 15

Rakke, Linnamäe Stadium

Stage 8

11th  Jõulumäe Cycling Marathon

Saturday,  September 11

Pärnumaa, Jõulumäe Recreation Centre

3. Distances
3.1. During each EEC event, a Marathon, a Half-Marathon and a Children's Race will be held.
3.2. The Marathon distance will be at least 50 km long.
3.3. The Half-Marathon distance will be approximately 30 km long.
3.4. The Children's Race has separate Regulations.

4. Starting times  
4.1. Marathon events will start at 12:00 a.m.
4.2. The Starting times for Half-Marathons and Children's Races differ and therefore will be announced for each event separately in the EEC advertising materials and on the website

5. Registration and Entry Fees

5.1. Registration for the EEC 2010 Cycling Series begins on March 1, 2010.
5.2. Registration for the EEC events (expect the registration on the spot) can be made only on the Internet, on Sportinfo website:
5.3. The entry fee includes: a marked racing track, start number, timing chip, timing (provided when the timing chip is correctly attached from the start to the finish), service at food stops and at the finish, awarding, a diploma for the riders with results (printable only from the Internet, for Children's Race on the spot), a possibility to wash the bike, medical care if necessary.
5.4. Entry fees (in Estonian kroons):


Prepayment for the entire series

Registr. phase 1

Registr. phase 2

Registr. on the spot


1600 (200 x 8)




Marathon, those born in 1992 or later

1200 (150 x 8)





1200 (150 x 8)




Half-Marathon, cat M14, M16, N14-16  and  those born in 1950 or earlier

800 (100 x 8)




Re-registration within the same distance or from Marathon to Half-Marathon





Re-registration from Half-Marathon to Marathon





5.4.1. Re-registration takes place only in the event morning on the spot and ends 30 minutes before the start.
5.5. Registration with a reduced price for all EEC stages must be paid as a one-time prepayment.
5.5.1. Registration with a reduced price ends on April 21, 2010.aastal, at 24:00.
5.6. The first phase of registration ends on the Wednesday of the week before the race, at 24:00.  
5.7. The second phase of registration ends on the Wednesday of the week of the race, at 24:00.
5.8. Registration in the event morning on the spot ends 30 minutes before the start.
5.9. In case the registered rider cannot participate in the race, the entry fee will not be returned nor will it be transferred for next stages.
5.10. Any payments received later than the dates and times indicated in these Racing Regulations will not be taken into consideration and the registered person will not be included in the starting list. The delayed payments will not be returned by the organizers.
5.11. If an EEC stage is cancelled for the reasons that do not depend on the organizers, the entry fees will not be returned.

6. Registering teams
6.1. Men's and women's teams are scored separately.
6.1.1. Team members can participate in Marathon as well as in Half-Marathon distance.
6.1.2. Women can also ride in men's team, if they have been registered in the men's team.
6.1.3. Women's teams are scored if the team consists of women riders only.
6.2. A team must consist of 4 to 8 members.
6.3. Teams are registered for the entire series at once.
6.4. Replacement of team members is not allowed after the first event has been held.
6.5. When registering teams, the entry fee for each team member equals the individual entry fee paid in advance for all stages of the series (see: table "Entry fees").
6.6. Team registering closes on April 21, 2010 at midnight.

7. Riding Numbers and Division into Groups
7.1. Riding numbers will be distributed to the riders on the racing day at the starting point, from 09:00 a.m.
7.2. The drawing up of the start list considering riders' previous results will end together with the second phase of registration. Riders who register later will be placed into the last starting group.  
7.3. When dividing riders into groups, the best result of the EEC stage of 2010 is taken into account. Until two results are achieved in EEC series 2010, the rider's best result in 2009 EEC is taken into consideration with a coefficient of 1.5 (place x 1.5) when forming the starting groups.

7.4. The groups are divided as follows: 1-50, 51-100, 101-150, 151-200, 201-250, 251-300, 301-350, 351-400, 401-500, 501-600, 601-800, 801-1000, 1001-...
7.5. In Half-Marathon, the riding numbers and group division are as follows: 2001-2050, 2051-2100 etc.
7.6. Re-registered riders will be placed into the last starting group.  
7.7. The Head Referee has the right to make changes in the riders' division into starting groups, taking into consideration:
7.7.1. the need for safety in the start;
7.7.2. In Marathon races, the Head Referee has the right to place only the athletes with Estonian or International Cyclists Union licence Elite, U-23 or M-18 into the first starting group.  
7.8. The preliminary start list will be published on the Internet, on the page on the day before the race, at the latest.

8. Important Rules  
8.1. No limitations will be made regarding the class/type of the bicycles.
8.2. The use of handlebars/extensions meant for individual time trials is forbidden.  
8.3. Each rider may participate only under his/her own name.
8.4. A rider must start the race among the assigned group; the group cannot be changed without the approval of the Head Referee.
8.5. A rider must pass the entire racing distance in order his/her result to be registered.
8.6. A rider is forbidden to use someone else's help to move forward on the racing track.  
8.7. Each rider must wear a helmet.  
8.8. A rider is forbidden to change his/her bicycle during the racing distance.  
8.9. It is mandatory to follow traffic regulations, traffic controllers, traffic signs, signposts and other regulations made by the organizers.
8.10. A rider violating the regulations stated in paragraphs 8.2-8.9 will be disqualified.
8.11. Event's video recordings and photos also serve the basis for disqualification. 

9. Responsibility
9.1. Each participant assures that he/she is responsible for his/her state of health, for his/her physical preparedness and participates in the event on his/her own risk and complies with the requirements of current Racing Regulations.
9.2. Each participant is responsible for his/her own safety and for other riders' safety dependent on himself/herself.
9.3. All riders younger than 18 years of age will be on their parents' or custodian's responsibility.
9.4. The rider is materially liable for the timing chip from the moment he/she receives it with the starting materials until returning the chip. In case the rider does not return the chip he/she will be obliged to pay the fine of 500 kroons on the basis of the issued invoice. Unless the rider pays the fine he/she will not be allowed to compete in the following EEC stages.

10. Scorekeeping
10.1. In order to get a result, the rider must from the moment he/she enters the start corridor until he/she crosses the finishing line wear the rider's starting number visibly on the handlebar and have an electronic timing chip corresponding to the starting number attached to the bicycle according to the requirements.
10.2. The timing chip must be attached to the front fork of the bicycle, as near to the axle as possible, or to the lower tube of the bicycle frame, as low as possible.  
10.3. At each stage, the riders get points according to their stage placing as follows:
10.3.1. In Marathon race:

  • 1st place: 1500 points,
  • 2nd place: 1495 points,
  • 3rd place: 1492 points,
  • 4th place: 1489 points,
  • 5th place: 1487 points,
  • 6th place: 1485 points,
  • 7th place: 1484 points, all following places get 1 point less.

10.3.2. In the interim finish of Marathon race:

  • 1st place: 6 premium points;
  • 2nd place: 4 premium points;
  • 3rd place: 2 premium points;
  • 4th place: 1 premium points.

10.3.3. In Half-Marathon race:

  • 1st place: 1300 points; every following place until the 10th place gets 10 points less than the previous one;
  • 10th place: 1210 points; every following place until the 30th place gets 8 points less than the previous one;
  • 30th place: 1050 points; every following place until 50th place gets 6 points less than the previous one;
  • 50th place: 930 points; every following place until 80th place gets 4 points less than the previous one;
  • 80th place: 810 points; every following place until 120th place gets 2 points less than the previous one;
  • 120th place: 730 points; each following place gets 1 point less than the previous one.

10.3.4. Marathon and Half-Marathon have a separate individual scorekeeping.
10.3.5. During the season, current individual standings of the Marathon and Half-Marathon will be drawn up as follows: until the 4th stage, rider's maximum score serve as the basis for the standings. In case of equal points, the results from other stages will be taken into account. since the 4th stage, rider's average score serves as the basis for the standings, 2 poorest  results will not be taken into consideration (including stages where no results were achieved). 
10.4. The best riders in different categories will be found out by their stage placing.
10.5. The overall placing of a rider in the EEC series will be found out by adding up the points that a rider scored for his/her six (6) best races in the series. The rider with the biggest score is the winner of the series.  
10.5.1. In case of equal scores, the riders' best place in EEC 2010 series is taken into consideration to form the overall placing. If these are also equal then the riders' next best place will be taken into consideration etc.

10.6. The most active EEC rider will be found out by adding up the activity points a rider scored during eight (8) stages.
10.7. In team competition scoring, the individual points (together with activity points) of the four (4) best riders of the team will be added up in each stage, which establishes the placing of the team within the stage and the teams, both men's and women's, will be given points for their placing as follows:

  • 1st place: 150 points;
  • 2nd place: 145 points;
  • 3rd place: 142 points;
  • 4th place: 140 points;
  • 5th place: 139 points etc.

10.7.1. In team competition scoring, the individual race points of the members for both Marathon and Half-Marathon will be counted.
10.7.2. When teams score an equal amount of individual points in a stage, then the team, the rider of which is placed the highest in the stage, will get more team competition
10.8. The winner in men's and women's team competition is the team which has scored the greatest amount of placing points during the eight (8) stages.
10.8.1. In case of an equal amount of team points, the teams' best place in EEC 2010 series is taken into consideration to form the overall placing. If these are also equal then the teams' next best place will be taken into consideration.
10.9. The preliminary results of each stage will be published on the Internet, on the website on the day following the race, at the latest.  
10.10. Reports about potential mistakes in the stage's finishing protocol will be accepted until the Wednesday evening following the race on the event organizer's e-mail address:  

11. Age Categories (based on years of birth)
11.1. Marathon (men): M18 (1992-1995), U23 (1988-1991), M-main category (1971-1987), M40 - Senior 2 (1961-1970), M50 - Senior 3 (born in 1960 or earlier);
11.2. Marathon (women): N23 (1988-1993), N-main Category (born in 1987 or earlier);
11.3. Half-Marathon (men): M14 (1996-1999), M16 (1994-1995), Men-main category (1951-1993), M60 - Senior 4 (born in 1950 or earlier);
11.4. Half-Marathon (women): N14-16 (1994-1999), N35+ (born in 1975 or earlier), N-main category (1976-1993).

12. Awarding the Winners of the Stages
12.1. In each stage, the best riders of the following age categories will be awarded as follows:

Age Category


Marathon placing

1 - 6

Marathon Women's placing

1 - 3

Marathon: M18, U23, M40, M50, N23

1 - 3

Half-Marathon: N14-16, M14, M16, N35+; M60


Most active rider of the Marathon


13. Awarding the Winners of Overall EEC series
13.1. The best riders of the following age categories will be awarded as follows:

Age Category


Marathon placing

1 - 6

Marathon Women's placing

1 - 3

Marathon: M18, U23, M40, M50, N23

1 - 3

Half-Marathon: N14-16, M14, M16, N35+, M60

1 - 3

Most active rider of the Marathon series

1 - 3

13.2. All riders who have results from all EEC 2010 stages will be awarded with a souvenir in the last EEC stage in Jõulumäe.

14. Awarding the Best Teams
14.1. The best men's team and the best women's team of each stage will be awarded with a trophy or souvenir.
14.2. The six best men's teams and the six best women's teams of the overall series will be awarded with monetary prizes or with various articles.

15. Claims and Objections  
15.1. Any claims, objections or protests regarding the race results, violating race regulations, etc., must be submitted to the Head Referee within the following periods:
15.1.1. regarding the first one hundred finishers, within 1 hour after the 100th rider has crossed the finishing line;  
15.1.2. regarding all other EEC riders, the protests must be submitted before the finish closes.

15.2. When submitting a claim or an objection, 500 kroons must be paid which will only be returned if the protest is satisfied.  
15.3. All claims and objections submitted regarding the race will be solved by the Head Referee.
15.4. The cases that are not regulated by these Racing Regulations will be solved by the judging panel and/or organizing committee of the race.

16. Organizers of the stages:





Tallinn Cycling Marathon

Jüri Voodla

(+372) 50 89 285

Mulgi Cycling Marathon

Loit Kivistik

(+372) 50 37 186

Rõuge Cycling Marathon

Ivar Tupp

(+372) 51 14 179

Otepää Cycling Marathon

Tarvi Kuus  
Neeme Ernits

(+372) 50 97 506
(+372) 50 64 950  

Kalevipoja Cycling Marathon

Tarmo Raudsepp

(+372) 56 958 663

Elva Cycling Marathon

Jüri Kalmus
Toomas Järveoja

(+372) 58 001 065
(+372) 51 53 699

Rakke Cycling Marathon

Enno Eilo

(+372) 51 53 228

Jõulumäe Cycling Marathon

Andres Sepp

(+372) 50 37 663

17. Other important contact details:
17.1. Information on registration:
17.2. Secretary General (starting and finishing reports):
17.3. Timekeeping:
17.4. The main organizer of EEC cycling marathon series is MTÜ (non-profit organization) Pro Jalgratturite Klubi,   
17.5. The representative of main organizer: Allar Tõnissaar, phone: (+372) 50 14 427,    

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