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Ultrarullile supersoodsalt ainult selle nädala lõpuni! 11.09.2012 (0)
Tallinnas, Lillepi Pargis, 22.septembril toimuvale Ultrarullile saab teisipäevast pühapäevani registreerida soodushinnaga: Täiskasvanule 10 eurot 6 tunni sõidule ning 5 eurot 1 tunni sõidule. ...
EMT Rullituuri finaaletapp kujuneb tõeliseks maiuspalaks 05.09.2012 (0)
Lisaks sellele, et tegemist on tänavuse hooaja viimase rulluisuvõistlusega, kus on palju lisaüllatusi, on ka mitmetes vanuseklassides lahtine hooaja parim, sealhulgas ka nii meeste kui naiste ...
Täna on EMT Rullituuri Jüri Rullimaraton eelregistreerimise viimane päev 05.09.2012 (0)
EMT Rullituuri Jüri Rullimaratonile viib tasuta City Touri buss 29.08.2012 (0)
Ultrarull 2012 on edasi lükatud! 27.08.2012 (0)
EMT Rullituuri Kalevipoja Rullimaratonil võidutsesid välismaalased 19.08.2012 (0)
EMT Rullituuri Kalevipoja Rullimaratonile eelregistreerimine lõpeb TÄNA! 15.08.2012 (0)
EMT Rullituuri raames toimusid Kundas ka rulluisutamise Eesti Meistrivõistlused 01.08.2012 (0)
EMT Rullituur näitab Kunda Rulluisumaratoni otsepildis 28.07.2012 (0)
29.Juulil toimuvale EMT Rullituuri Kunda Rullimaratonile saab bussiga! 23.07.2012 (0)
Rae - Rulluisumaraton
Rae - Rulluisumaraton naistestart
Rae - IIZI Skate
Rae - Suusarull
Rae - POP Lastesõit
Kalevipoja - Rulluisumaraton
Kalevipoja - Rulluisumaraton naistestart
Kalevipoja - IIZI Skate
Kalevipoja - Suusarull
Kalevipoja - POP Lastesõit
Kalevipoja - Ratastooliralli
Kunda - Rulluisumaraton
Kunda - Rulluisumaraton naistestart
Kunda - IIZI Skate
Kunda - Suusarull
Kunda - POP Lastesõit
Pärnu - Rulluisumaraton
Pärnu - Rulluisumaraton naistestart
Pärnu - IIZI Skate
Pärnu - Suusarull
Pärnu - POP Lastesõit
Pärnu - Ratastoolisõit
Tallinn - Rulluisumaraton
Tallinn - Rulluisumaraton naistestart
Tallinn - IIZI Skate
Tallinn - Suusarull
Tallinn - POP Lastesõit
Tallinn - Ratastoolisõit
Rapla - Rulluisumaraton
42km women
Rapla - IIZI Skate
Rapla - Suusarull
Rapla - POP Lastesõit
Wheelchair T1A
Rapla - Ratastooliralli T2A
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EMT Rullituur 2012
History 2011 2010 
Place Eesti EST
Type Rollerblading
Organizer Eesti Rulluisuliit, TopSport OÜ, Jaanus Ritson, Tel. +372 5551 2999,  
20.05.2012 Raplarull (EMT Rullituur 1.etapp) Rapla EST rules results
03.06.2012 Tallinna Rulluisumaraton (EMT Rullituur 2.etapp) Tallinn EST rules results
30.06.2012 Pärnu Rullimaraton (EMT Rullituur 3.etapp) Pärnu EST rules results
29.07.2012 Kunda Rullimaraton (EMT Rullituur 4.etapp) Kunda EST rules results
18.08.2012 Kalevipoja Rullimaraton (EMT Rullituur 5.etapp) Mustvee EST rules results
08.09.2012 Rae Rullimaraton (EMT Rullituur 6.etapp) Jüri EST rules results


EMT Rullituur is a nationwide series of inline skating and rollerskiing that offers a wide range of distances and where participating is feasible for enthusiasts with different age and skills. The goal of the series is to popularise inline skating and rollerskiing as pleasant summer activities among children, practitioners and sportsmen and to offer variable opportunities to skate and ski on wheels in different parts of Estonia.

CHILDREN RACEs and secured play area for children offer an opportunity for families to take part in the events. IIZI Skate is not so much a race but an opportunity to enjoy skating alone or with friends and have a good time. INLINE MARATHON offers an opportunity to race a marathon distance in one of the easiest athletically demanding endurance sports. ROLLERSKIING offers a chance for ski enthusiasts to ski in summer and compare themselves with others. WHEELCHAIR Rally is a new challenge for people using wheelchairs. It offers an opportunity to either race with others or just to be physically active.

1. EMT RULLITUUR 2012 is organized by MTÜ Rulliklubi in cooperation with Estonian Inline Federation, OÜ Topsport, sponsors and supporters and is based on FIRS and WIC reglements for international races.


1. May 20th Raplarull
2. June 3rd Tallinn Rulluisumaraton
3. June 30th Pärnu Rullimaraton
4. July 29th Kunda Rullimaraton
5. August 18th Kalevipoja Rullimaraton
6. September 8th Rae Rullimaraton

3. PROGRAM on stages:

9:30 Race centre is opened, numbers and registration
11:00 Ratastooliralli /Wheelchair Rally
11:01 PISIRULL /Preschool
11:15 POP Lastesõit/ POP children’s race
12:00 Inline Marathon Start
12:02 Inline Marathon Start for Women
14:30 IIZI skate start
14:45 Rollerskiing start

Timetable may change due to different racetracks. Exact stage program can be found in each stage guide.

4. RACE COURSEs are safe and suitable also for beginners. Usually courses are on one-way traffic free guarded pathways or on roads/streets with minimum width of at least one driving direction. Turns, junctions and pedestrian crossings are marked and guarded. There are no dangerous downhills. New timesystem uses hardly noticeable thin cable under the finishline instead of thick mats.


  Age Year of birth Distance
PISIRULL: 8y and younger 2003 and later up to 500m
POP Lastesõit: 9-12 2000 and later 1-3km.
  Races for children are only on skates!
IIZI Skate: Youth - up to 14 years 1998 and later 16-20km - race
  Juniors - up to 19 years 1993 - 1997 16-20km - race
  Rahvarull 2000 and earlier 16-20km inline ride
Inline marathon: M/F M/F40, M50, M60 42km depending on the track
Rollerskiing:* M/F General 2000 and later 16-20km rollerski ride
Wheelchair Rally M/F General 2000 and later up to 3km depending on the track

*On rollerski distance the class of skis is free, the diameter of wheels can be 100 mm max. Technique is not defined, competitor can use both freestyle and classical technique. We insist on using freestyle skis that are recognised by known manufacturers.


PISIRULL (up to500m) YEAR of birth AWARDS
B/G 8 2003 and later All
POP Lastesõit (up to 3km)    
B/G 12 2000 and later 1-3 place
IIZI Skate (16-20km)    
M/F 14 1998 and later 1-3 place
M/F 19 1993 - 1997 1-3 place
M/F 1992 and earlier 1-6 place
M/F 40 1963 - 1972 1-3 place
M 50 1962 and earlier 1-3 place
M 60 1952 and earlier 1-3 place
ROLLERSKIING (16-20km)    
M/F 2000 and later 1-3 place
WHEELCHAIR RALLY (up to 2km) 2000 and later 1-3 place

Awards, souvenirs and prizes, are given to both best of the stages and best of the series. Everybody who finishes all 6 stages is awarded with EMT Rullituur 2012 Championship Medal. Everybody who finishes Pisirull (up to 8 years) gets a small prize. EMT Rullituur 2012 Series prize ceremony will take place in the season finale party. Detailed information will be available in,, etc. prior to the event.
For participants of the IIZI skate distance there will be giveaway awards from sponsors.


Ranking in the series will be counted in POP Race for Children, IIZI Skate Youth and Junior Races, Marathon distance (all age groups) and in Rollerskiing.
The ranking is calculated by adding the points achieved from each race. To find out the leader of the series, points from 5 best stages will be taken into consideration. In case of equal sum of points, standings on stages will be compared.

Point Table:
1 place – 500 points
2 place – 492 points
3 place – 487 points
4 place – 484 points
5 place – 482 points
6 place – 481 points
7 place – 480 points
8 place – 479 points
9 place – 478 points 1
0 place – 477 points etc.
Starting from position 238 every finisher gets 1 point.

8. Marathon start and scorekeeping for WOMEN

The winner among women is the one who starts in Women’s Race. In Women’s Race it is not allowed to ride behind men in a pack. In the same way, men are not allowed to skate behind women or to enter in women’s leading pack. Women will start 2 minutes after men’s start. Women who wish to start with men can do so but their position will be in the overall men’s table and their result will not be counted in women’s stage or overall ranking.


Men Team consists of 4 members and their points will be added up from the points in the general leaderboard. In men’s team can also be women if they start together with men. Women Team consists of 4 members who compete and start in women race and who get their points from women’s ranking table.

For leaderboard points of three best racers for every stage will be added up in all 6 stages. Men Team members can be both male and female. Women Team members can be only female. Team members are not allowed to be changed during the season and one person can be only in one team. During registration team members must include their team name. Every team (4 members) must have a name what differentiates them from other teams. Teams from the same club must also be distinct. Teams can be added to the competition throughout the season.


Starting list, which takes previous results into consideration, will be closed with the second phase of registration. Those, who register later, will be in the last starting group. Starting groups of the first stage will be based on the results of EMT Rullituur 2011 overall rankings. The organizers have a right to add into first groups athletes from other countries or contestants with international level. On following stages starting groups will be formed based on the results of previous stage and overall ranking. Leader of the series wears a leadernumber with yellow background. Starting groups are following: 1-50, 51-100, 101-200, 201-500, 501-... On women’s race there will be one group.

In IIZI Skate distance first group will be Youth and Juniors and all others will be in second group. In Rollerskiing and Wheelchair Rally there will be no starting groups. The Head Judge has a right to change the starting groups to provide safety and security of the race. The safety of each contestant is a top priority of the organizers.

Starting materials are available in Race Course Secretariat starting from 9 AM.


Pre-registration will take place in Internet website and on race day in the Secretariat. 

PISIRULL free free
POP Children's Race 20 € -50%
IIZI Skate * 50 € -50%

ETAPI registreerimine 1 round 2 round Day of event EMT client
PISIRULL Free Free Free  
POP Children's Race 4 € 5 € 7 € -50%
IIZI skate * 10 € 15 € 20 € -50%
INLINE MARATHON * 15 € 20 € 30 € -50%
ROLLERSKI MARATHON * 10 € 15 € 20 € -50%

* On IIZI Skate distance there is -50% discount for those born 1993 or later
* There is -50% discount for Estonian seniors (Born 1952 or earlier)
* For EMT clients there is 50% discount
* To use EMT discount a person must include his/her own personal EMT phone number. In case the number doesn’t belong to the participant himself, he must pay the remaining amount (race day fee minus paid amount) and he will be positioned in the last starting group.
* Re-registration is 10 €
* Double discounts don’t apply
* On race day EMT discount does not apply

First round of pre-registration ends on Wednesday, one week before the race, at 12 PM. Second round of pre-registration end on race week Wednesday, at 12 PM. On race day registration in Secretariat ends 45 minutes prior to the distance. Participation fee will not be refunded or transferred to the following stages. When EMT Rullituur Stage is cancelled due to circumstances not depending on the organizers then registration fee is not refunded.
Participation fee includes: marked and guarded race course, start number, timing chip, luggage storage, result in protocols (only if chip is correctly installed from start to finish), food in the finish area, award ceremony for the best, finisher diploma, medical help if needed.


Only the participant who wears (Championchip) timing chip and starting number during the entire race according to the reglement gets results to the final protocol. Results will be available on, and Preliminary results will be revealed after the stage is complete. Confirmed protocol will be revealed 5 days after the stage, when all the complaints have reached a decision. Complaints made after the protocol is confirmed will not be revised.


Each participant is responsible for his own safety and safety of others that depends on him. By paying the participation fee, every contestant declares that he is responsible for his health and athletic abilities and that he takes part on his own responsibility. Every participant under age of 18 is responsibility of his parent, guardian or coach.
Every participant is responsible for the timing chip from the moment it is received till it is returned. When chip is not returned, participant must pay a fee of 90 euros according to the invoice. Competitors must wear a helmet (including children races). Contestant without a helmet is not allowed to compete. Contestants without a helmet will be disqualified. Wrist, knee and elbow protection is highly recommended. Rollerskiers are advised to wear protective glasses.
Children’s races will not take place in case of rain or slippery road due to safety and good mood. Participants must follow traffic rules, traffic signs and traffic officers in the race area.

Medical help is provided by licenced personnel in medical tent in race centre.

14. PROTESTS against results, violation of rules etc. must be submitted to Head Judge in written form to the Secretariat. Fee of the complaint is 35 euros, what will be refunded only if the complaint is satisfied. All the complaints will be looked in by a commitee which includes: Head of the Organizing Commitee, Head Judge, Members of ERUL Inline Speedskating Committee’s Judges Council (club member who does not compete in given competition).

15. LOST-FOUND items can be found in the Secretariat on the race day. For later problems please contact the organiser by e-mail.

16. Questions not handled in the guide will be settled by Organizing Commitee or the Head Judge. The Head Judge will reveal the decision first hand on the race site or on the website and

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