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SEB 15. Tartu Rattamaratoni üritustel üle 7400 lõpetaja 18.09.2012 (0)
16. septembril toimus SEB 15. Tartu Rattamaraton, mille programmilistel üritustel osales kokku 7405 ratturit. Põhidistantsid lõpetas esialgsetel andmetel kokku 4875 ratturit, kellest 2996 osales ...
SEB Tartu Rattamaraton ootab rajale 8000 ratturit 11.09.2012 (0)
Sellel pühapäeval toimub SEB 15. Tartu Rattamaraton, mis toob rajale tuhanded ratturid nii kodu- kui ka välismaalt. 11. septembri seisuga on end kahele põhidistantsile üles andnud juba üle 5000r ...
Tartu Rattamaratoni lastesõitudel innustab lapsi Aigar Leok 10.09.2012 (0)
Järgmisel pühapäeval toimuvad Eesti meistrivõistlused maastikurattamaratonis 07.09.2012 (0)
Registreeri soodsalt nii Tartu Sügisjooksule kui ka SEB 15. Tartu Rattamaratonile 06.09.2012 (0)
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89 km
40 km
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SEB 15. Tartu Rattamaraton
Time 16.09.2012
Place Otepää, Elva EST
Type Cycling
Distance 88,7 km simultaneous start at 10:00 on Tehvandi Ski Stadium in Otepää
40 km simultaneous start at 13:00 on Tehvandi Ski Stadium in Otepää
Organizer Klubi Tartu Maraton, Laulupeo 25, Tartu. Tel. +372 742 1644 

SEB 14th Tartu Rattamaraton

1. SEB 14. Tartu Rattamaraton (14. RM) is organized by Club Tartu Maraton in co-operation with its sponsors and supporters.

2. 14. RM will take place according to the competition rules of the Estonian Cycling Union, current Race Regulations, the official program of the competition and decisions of the Board of the Club Tartu Maraton.

3. 14. RM will take place on September 18th 2011.
88,7 km (89 km) simultaneous start will be given at 10:00 on Tehvandi Ski Stadium in Otepää.
40 km simultaneous start will be given at 13:00 on Tehvandi Ski Stadium in Otepää.
40 km race is not a competition! The results will be published in alphabetical order, without ranking. Finish of both races is at Elva, Tartumaa Tervisespordikeskus 

4. There are 6 service points (SP) on 89 km track: 1. Matu 12,3 km, 2. Ande 22,1 km, 3. Puka 36,5 km, 4. Astuvere 50,6 km, 5. Palu 66,3 km 6. Hellenurme 77,2 km and 2 sprints: 1. Matu 12,2 km, 2. Palu (66,3 km).

5. There are 3 SPs on 40 km track: 1. Kannistiku 9,9 km, 2. Palu 18,7 km 3. Hellenurme 29,6 km.

6. Control times of SP’s:

    89 km 40 km
Matu SP 12,3 km 11:15  -
Ande SP 22,1 km 12:30  -
Puka SP 36,5 km 13:30  -
Astuvere SP 50,6 km 15:00  -
Kannistiku SP 9,9 km  - 14:30
Palu SP 66,3 / 18,7 km 16:30 16:30
Hellenurme SP  77,2 / 29,6 km 17:15 17:15
Finish   18:30 18:30
The riders, who have not passed the SP before the control time, will be disqualified and transported to the finish by bus.

7. The race course runs mainly on the gravel and forest roads and partially on asphalt. The course is marked at least 48 hours before the start, as stated in the UCI Rules. Roads are open to the traffic. Riders must follow traffic rules, signs and traffic officers’ orders. No teams’ service vehicles are allowed to the race course, except of the commissaires` and organizers’ cars with special signs.

8. The choice of the bicycle is free. It is not allowed to exchange the bicycle during the race. Moving along the course with outside help (for example transport) will lead to disqualification.

9. The technical service is offered in the start and in all SP-s for free, the spare parts have to be paid.

10. Everyone will participate at his/her own responsibility!

11. Wearing of helmet is obligatory.

12. Age limit: all riders born in 1995 (40 km 1998) or earlier and are sufficiently trained are allowed to participate.
In extra cases younger riders are allowed to participate in 89 km, if they present a written approval of their coach.
Age groups: Women: N17 (birth years 1996-94), N20 (93-91), N21 (90-77), N35 (76-72), N40 (71-67), N45 (66-62), N50 (61-57), N55 (56-52), N60 (51-47), N65 (46 and earlier);
Men: M17 (96-94), M20 (93-91), M21 (90-77), M35 (76-72), M40 (71-67), M45 (66-62), M50 (61-57), M55 (56-52), M60 (51-47), M65 (46-42), M70 (41-37), M75 (36 and earlier).

13. Start groups: 
  89 km start numbers 40 km start numbers
Elite group 1 – 100  
1. group 101 – 300  5001 – 5500
2. group 301 – 500  5501 – 6000
3. group 501 – 700 6001 – 6500
4. group 701 – 1000  6501 - …
5. group 1001 – 1500  
6. group 1501 – 2000   
7. group 2001 – 2500   
8. group 2501 - 3000   
9. group 3001 – 3500 3501 - …  
Only during registration before 12.09.2011 the results of 13. RM (coefficient 1) or 12. RM (coefficient 1,2) will be taken into consideration for disposing start numbers, but the same start group will not be guaranteed. Riders, who have not participated last two years, will get start numbers to the last start groups in the order of the registration.
Every rider must enter the start gate according to his start number. NB! Starting from a wrong passage will lead to disqualification!

14. Registration takes place in Club Tartu Maraton until 15.09.2011 at 17:00 (information ph: +372 7421 644, fax: +372 7422 536), on Club Tartu Maraton website (up to 16.09.2011 at 17:00), in the race centre (Sport Hall of Eesti Maaülikool, Kreutzwaldi Str 3, Tartu) 16.-17.09.2011; or in the shops Hawaii Express up to 16.09.2011.

15. Entry fees:
  89 km 40 km
before 26.08.2011 470 EEK / 30 € 313 EEK / 20 €
27.08-12.09.2011 626 EEK / 40 € 391 EEK / 25 € 
13.09-17.09.2011 939 EEK / 60 € 626 EEK / 40 €
50% discount price for 18-year-olds and younger!
There is no registration in the morning of the race day 18.09.2011!
If the race will be cancelled due to force majeure (circumstances, not depending on the organizers), the entry fee will not be refunded.

16. Handout of start numbers takes place in the race centre (Sport Hall of Eesti Maaülikool, Kreutzwaldi Str 3, Tartu) on 16.-17.09.2011 from 9:00-19:00 and on 18.09.2011 in the start area before the race.

17. Re-registration (changing of distance, number or name) takes place only in the Race Centre (in Tartu) or by written application to until 17:00 on 17.09.2011.
There will be no re-registration on the day of the race.
Re- registration fee is 10 € + difference of the participation fees of distances.

18. Start fee includes: marked course; starting package; time-keeping (only in case of correctly attached time-keeping chip during all the race); result in the results list (on short race in alphabetical order); service and catering in all SP-s and finish; awarding; diploma with the name, time (40 km) and placing (89 km); medal; transport of luggage from the start to the finish; medical service, if necessary; transport for abandoned riders, gold and silver pins according to the statute.
Starting package consists of the start number, information booklet, marking stickers for the bike, plastic bag for clothes, food ticket, and time-keeping chip.
19. To get the finishing result the 14. RM start number must be attached to the handlebar and time-keeping chip must be attached to the bike.

20. Time-keeping is based on a microchip, which must be correctly attached to the frame (max 50 cm from the ground) of your bike before entering the start gate and kept until it will be removed in the finish area.
Before leaving the finish corridor, the chip must be handed over to the organizer. NB! The participant is fully responsible for the chip from the moment, when the start number is handed out until it is handed over in the finish. In case of losing or not returning the chip, penalty 30 € will follow and Club Tartu Maraton will issue according invoice. If you find or lose a chip, please advise Race Office immediately about it.

21. Unofficial results will be constantly updated on the information board in the finish area and on the website . If your result is missing from the unofficial results, you should inform immediately the Race Secretary. The protests concerning unofficial results can be brought up until 21.09.2011 by 17:00 to the Race Office in Club Tartu Maraton. The official results will be issued by 23.09.2011 at 17:00 on the website

22. Medical aid is organized by the Estonian Disaster Relief Team. There are ambulances in the start, in the finish and in all SP-s. If you see someone in trouble on the course, please try to help and let the organizers know immediately or call 112!

23. Things lost and found must be given to SP chiefs, who transport the things to the Secretariat. Owners may get their lost things from Club Tartu Maraton during one month after the race.

24. There are shuttle buses to the start from Tartu and Elva to the start areas. A bus ticket can be bought from the race centre or on the race day from the bus.

25. Parking in Otepää is free. Cars are directed to the parking lots in the order of arrival. Parking in Elva is paid.

26. The awards ceremony takes place in the finish area as stated in the program. 12 first men and 6 women of 14. RM will be awarded with diploma, medal & cup. There will be special prizes, raffle prizes and cups for the age group winners of 89 km.

27. The protests concerning the race results, breaking the Rules etc must be brought up to the UCI Commissaire of the race:
• concerning first 200 finishers during 1 hour after the 200. participant has finished;
• concerning all the others up to closing time of the finish.
The cost of a protest (except of these concerning race results) is 40 €, which will be refunded only when the protest has been met. All protests concerning the race will be solved by the Commissaries Panel.

28. Other unforeseen cases will be solved by the Organizing Committee and the Commissaires Panel.

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