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Vjatšeslav Košelev wins in Tartu 11.05.2008 (0)
Vjatšeslav Košelev wins today second consecutive time in 26th SEB Tartu Jooksumaraton with 1:10:50.
SEB Tartu Jooksumaraton already this weekend 06.05.2008 (0)
May 11 are run SEB 26. Tartu Jooksumaraton that takes 3000 runners and nordic walkers to South Estonia.
Open training for SEB Jooksumaraton 2008 25.04.2008 (0)
The first entry wave of SEB 26. Tartu Jooksumaraton ends on 18th of April 14.04.2008 (0)
SEB Tartu Jooksumaraton 23 km
SEB Tartu Jooksumaraton 10 km
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SEB 26. Tartu Jooksumaraton
Laiks 11.05.2008
Vieta Otepää,Elva EST
Veids Skriešana
Distance 23 km jooks ja kepikõnd
10 km jooks ja kepikõnd
Organizētājs Klubi Tartu Maraton, Laulupeo 25, 51007 Tartu, Estonia. Tel. +372 7421 644
12. Entry fees:                             23 km                     10 km
       Up to 18.04.2008         250 EEK/16 EUR       150 EEK / 10 EUR
       19.04.-05.05.2008       350 EEK/22 EUR        250 EEK / 16 EUR
       06.05.-10.05.2008       500 EEK/32 EUR        300 EEK/ 20 EUR
NB! No registration on the day of the race!
In case of giving up the participation, entry fee will not be refunded.

Start fee includes: prepared & marked course; starting package; time keeping in case of correctly attached chip; result in the results list (on short race in alphabetical order); service and catering in the all SP-s and finish; awarding; diploma with name, time and placing; medal; transport of luggage from start to finish; medical service, if necessary; transport for abandoned athletes; gold and silver pins according to the statute. 
Handout of start-numbers takes place in Club Tartu Maraton 9.-10.05.2008 at 9:00-19:00 and 11.05.2008 in the start areas.

(changing of distance, number or name) can take place only in the secretariat or by written application up to 17:00 on 10.05.2008. There will be no re-registration on the day of the race.
Re- registration fee is 50 EEK + difference of the participation fees of distances.
Starting under wrong name leads to disqualification!

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